“ I have had the pleasure of following Nilla’s professional growth for some years now. I have admired her persistence and her ability to stay focused and keep her professional actions purposeful. Nilla has this wonderful authenticity and enthusiasm. She is natural, no matter which platform she’s placed in. She has a delightful ability to make people feel valued. Her exceptional networking skills and ability to create deep, genuine relationships have brought her a huge personal network of people from various areas of life. As her mentor, I am so proud of her. Her path has been and will continue to be interesting to follow.”

Tarja Leikas, CFO, Eltel Group

”Nilla has a great entrepreneurial attitude. Nilla has co-worked with us: Our target was to launch Puhujatori’s social media marketing. Nilla’s skills & ability to handle complex projects and deadlines are pure gold.”

Mauri Ranta, CEO, Puhujatori Oy


”Working with Nilla brings you peace of mind: I can always trust that Nilla delivers agreed things on time and in high quality. Nilla is not afraid of any task or contacting any person. As a bonus, her joyful personality is very likeable. I can highly recommend Nilla as an important and motivated part of any team, and I am happy to share more of my experience over a phone conversation.”

Elina Koivumäki, CEO, lawyer, Lexperience Oy

”Nilla was one of my star students at EBS; curious, passionate, and enthusiastic. She would always ask the tough questions & challenge the status quo. I can only see a very successful career in her future.”

Natalja Piiskoppel, Head of Strategy, Mano

”I have known Nilla for several years and have seen her journey from being a founder of a start-up to setting up her own business and growing as a person. Nilla is an easy-going hard worker with a creative twist. Nilla will be a valued member in any company that appreciates creative thinking and emotional intelligence.”

Tomi Kaukinen, CMO, Cuckoo

”Nilla made remarkable progress during the two years she worked with our team. Our clients held her in high regard and consistently praised her exceptional work. Nilla’s ability to accept feedback was one of the reasons for her rapid professional growth. She is a skilled branding expert who possesses excellent multitasking capabilities.”

Emmi Lehtomaa, CEO, Fament Oy

”Nilla has been my student in the master-level Consumer Behavior class at the Estonian Business School, and I have also supervised her master’s thesis. Nilla has been an excellent student and a valuable member of the class. She has been active and in discussions asking relevant questions and sharing her knowledge. Her positive attitude and energy level have contributed a lot to the learning atmosphere of the class. Working on her master’s thesis has shown Nilla as a highly motivated researcher who is capable of creating quality work within the clearly set boundaries of a thesis. Nilla has impressed me with being well organized, always ahead of the deadlines, and delivering what she has promised. Nilla’s creative spirit, open mind, and team skills combined with her high work ethic and proactive attitude would make her a valuable team member in her future career.”

Katri Kerem, Professor of Marketing, Estonian Business School

“Nilla started working for me as a housekeeper. Pretty soon, she became a team leader, and after managing her post perfectly for the first year, I have since used Nilla in various different and challenging positions in our hospitality area. Her intelligence, flexibility, sensitivity and presence have made Nilla a perfect match to look after our high-end guests and plan and execute our events in the private and public sectors. I highly recommend Nilla to any job/position she sees fit to apply to and will, with pleasure, answer any questions regarding her professional qualities.”

Nunni Friedrich, General Manager, Zabludowicz Estates Helsinki & Sarvisalo